WhatsApp iPhone Voice call

Last week Whatsapp pushed an update to its iOS client. The update brings free Voice calling feature to iPhone users. The VoIP facility from Whatsapp was in public beta testing for Android since couple of months and it was released for Android users this month.

WhatsApp was testing the new Voice Call feature on iPhone in a private beta testing. Last month its screenshots appeared online which revealed many details about the new feature.

Now the company has officially released the Voice calling feature for iOS devices. But there’s a catch, Whatsapp has not enabled the VoIP feature by default.

In order to activate the Voice Calling on iPhone, you will need an invite. No! you won’t need to enter a code to enable the Voice call feature on iOS.

What you need to do is ask any of your friend, whose voice calling is activated, to make a Whatsapp call. Once you receive a call from your friend, Voice calling will be activated on your iPhone.

The Facebook owned company might want to test out the new feature on limited devices and improve the service. WhatsApp might remove the Invite system soon and will roll out the voice call feature for all devices.

WhatsApp is compatible with all iPhones running on iOS 6.0 or later. To activate Voice calling, you should be on latest version 2.12.1. You can download the app from Apple App Store.

If you are facing any issues in activating the voice calling feature, then do tell us in comments. And if you are unable to find any user with Voice calling activated then you contact us and we will help in activating the Voice Calling feature.