Whatsapp Voice calling iPhoneLast Month, Whatsapp has started beta testing of its long awaited voice calling feature on Android devices. There was no word voice calling for iPhone. Now alleged screenshots of the upcoming voice calling feature for iOS devices have appeared online.

As per the screenshots from iPhoneitalia website, they have received the voice calling feature on iPhone on the latest beta version of Whatsapp. Unlike Android devices, beta version of Whatsapp for iOS devices is available publicly. It is made available to selected beta testers.

The screenshots reveals several details about the upcoming free voice calling feature on iPhone. The UI will be simple, very similar to normal voice calls on iPhone. There will separate screen for call logs.

There will be several options on the voice call screen. There will be option for Mute, Loudspeaker and message options during the voice call. The call quality will be good on 3G network too and it be great on Wi-Fi network.

Voice calling feature is currently under private beta testing for iPhone, and for Android, it is under public beta testing. If you have Android device, then you can get the Voice calling feature by getting a call from user whose voice calling is activated.

Whatsapp might release the new feature in coming months. However there is no confirmed date when it will be released for everyone.