Whatsapp VoIP features

Whatsapp after getting Acquired by Facebook announced that it will be launching free VoIP feature. WhatsApp during MWC 2014 announced that VoIP will launched in 2nd quarter and will be available on iPhone, Android and Windows Phone users. But before launching the feature purported screenshots of WhatsApp new feature has been leaked.

The leaked screenshots comes from iPhoneitalia, the website has leaked screenshot of WhatsApp VoIP UI. The design of whatsapp VoIP matches iOS 7 design aesthetics. The design is very similar to iOS 7 Phone app. The circular end button also matches iOS 7.1 phone design. WhatsApp VoIP design is heavily inspired from iPhone Phone.app UI.
whatsapp keyboard
Apart from VoIP feature whatsapp is also making changes in the Chat UI. As you can see in the image above, the key board has image option above keyboard. Currently users are required to Click on More button then select image option. This will increase the image chat productivity. Users can send images from the keyboard only.

These keyboard changes are small but these small subtle changes User Experience. VoIP feature is important for whatsapp as many competitor like skype already provide free call service along with free messaging app. BBM also recently launched BBM voice on iOS and Android devices. This will be a big move from Whatsapp.

WhatsApp will rollout this new feature in couple of months. New features are currently in beta testing phase. Whatsapp VoIP will free call options for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone users. VoIP will take place on both Wi-Fi and cellular data.

Are you excited for Whatsapp free VoIP feature?