4G LTEIndia is continuously growing and to keep the pace, the growth should take place in all sectors. One of the most important sector in which India needs to improve is the Digital Growth.

India’s current Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi recently launched a new initiative called Digital India, to improve the Digital Growth. Most important part of the new initiative is to bring Government services online and improving the internet connectivity.

Believe it not, India is badly lagging in Internet connectivity. Earlier the minimum broadband speed in India was 512kbps but recently BSNL increased it 2 Mbps, which is also for first few GBs only.

So you can think how bad is the internet connectivity in India is. To overcome this issue, Government and Telecom operators are taking necessary steps to boost the internet speeds in India. Telecom operator are working to roll out the 4G network across India.

The 4G LTE Technology can offer high internet speed to Mobile phones and computers. Users won’t need to rely on cable internet providers to boost the infrastructure. Several foreign countries are already using 4G since years and now India is in the process to use the 4G LTE services in India.

Many Indian smartphone brands are launching budget 4G LTE smartphones in India. Brands like Micromax, Yu, Xolo, Lava, Intex and others are actively launching budget Android smartphones. Other Chinese and big brands like Apple, Samsung, HTC, Sony, Gionee, Xiaomi are also launching 4G device in India.

#Technocrats Indians are also showing their interest for the smartphones with 4G capabilities. Recent data shows that 4G smartphones shipments in India have been increased by 154 percent compared to last quarter.

Mobile brand Micromax and others are launching 4G LTE smartphone with Octa Core SoC and Android OS so that #Technocrats users can enjoy better 4G speeds on their smartphones without any issues.

Improving the 4G connectivity can definitely help in Digital Growth of India. Digital Startups can leverage the high speed connectivity and serve better products. Users will also be able to use these services fast and save the precious time. We think 4G is very important for Digital Growth.