Going out in the morning for a walk is a key to a healthy mind and body. Fresh air fills fresh oxygen into our lungs giving us an energetic body and sharp mind. Now in this 21st century can we be assured that the air we breathe in is pure? Pure air is healthy but impure, polluted air is not only unhealthy but hazardous.

Day by day fresh air in the environment is getting polluted, when we are outside our home, be it on the way to workplace or out at the market or even out in a playground we are forced to inhale the polluted air . We are gradually getting killed by this silent killer. Yes! Pollution is the silent killer.

We cannot avoid outside air pollution but can we do something about the air inside our home or office? Yes, we can.  The solution to this is the purchase of Air Purifiers. Air Purifiers not only avoid air from being polluted but also allow fresh clean air to flow in. Refer Air Purifiers Price list and Godrej Air Purifier price list in India.

                Air purifier improves the indoor air quality by removing contaminates from the air. It captures dust and pollen present in the air, is beneficial to allergy sufferers and asthmatics patient and also reduce second-hand tobacco smoke. It improves the air quality by removing harmful particles from air.

Choosing the right air purifier…

Air purifiers are of different shapes, size and, type. All different types of air purifiers work on different technology to serve different needs. So before purchasing an air purifier, one has to understand his specific need. Before deciding on the type of air purifier users should refer Air Purifier price list and Godrej Air Purifier Price list in India.

HEPA Air Purifiers using HEPA Filters

HEPA technology in an air purifier is the most effective technology for air purifiers as it removes 99.97% of particles from the air. It is used mostly in Medical clean rooms and filter is required to be changed within a month or two when they are filled with particulates. This type of air purifier is most effective in removing airborne particles but it does not remove gasses, chemicals or odors.

Air Purifier with Electrostatic Filters

Electrostatic Air Purifier with electrostatic filters charge the particles present in the air, traps them in the machine so that these particles get stuck on the sides of the collection plate. Plates of these purifiers which are stuck with airborne particles can be removed and washed before reuse. These types of purifiers require low maintenance with the cleaning of collection plates and remove only 30% of particles present in air.

Ozone generator Air Purifier

This type of Air purifier produces ozone and is not appropriate for home and family as they produce ozone which may cause health problems like respiratory tract irritation and asthma. These purifiers are for commercial use as they remove airborne particles, mold, virus, bacteria, chemical, and odor by using a high ozone level.

Air Purifier with Activated Carbon Technology

Activated carbon technology filters gasses or removes odor like second- hand smoke, harmful fumes of renovation or contamination of air in our room to produce a clean and fresh smelling air. Some of this type of air purifier can trap larger air particles and can even tackle volatile organic compounds that are found in the air. They are less efficient in eliminating allergies and airborne particles and far-away contaminates.

Air Purifier with Ultraviolet Technology

An air purifier with UV technology neutralizes microbes, bacteria, and viruses that are found in the air by using UV rays. The effectiveness of this purifier depends upon the wattage of light and time of exposure. A good UV Air purifier reduces the ozone and when used to filter airborne particles after HEPA or carbon technology it provides maximum effectiveness.

In today’s era a Cleaner, germ-free home is the desire of every human. We want our family to breathe healthy air for which we have to choose the required air purifier. There are many brands of air purifier available in the market; one can choose one from Branded Air Purifier Sale or Top Air Purifier Deals in India.         

                Purchasing an Air Purifier can be an arduous decision but one can always compare the specification and prices before purchasing it. Various sites like knowprices.com serve this purpose and provide an authentic and analytical comparison of different brands.