Earlier today iH8sn0w and winocm has teased ios 6 jailbreak, but after about 12 hours, evad3rs team has released an untethered ios 7 jailbreak , so why they have hurried so much, as there are many bugs left, and cydia is still ios 6 style, Cydia creator saurik took twitter to clear that he was not asked for official ios 7 cydia build. so question is why Evad3rs team  has hurried so much to release. Did evad3rs want to take credit of jailbreak as iH8sn0w was about to release their ios 6 jailbreak. Question is unanswerable. lets see what happened till now.

When we jailbreaked we come to know that cydia was not even updated with ios 7 esthetics, There are many bugs, which people are reporting.

cydia 1

cydia 2 cydia 3


As you can see on the images above, cydia still has ios 6 looks. MobileSubstate has also many issues, Pod2g confirms this on Twitter:

Tweaks relying on mobilesubstrate have issues with early release of evasi0n. Keep away from that for the moment, we’re working on a fix.


Here’s what saurik  has to say about iOS 7 Jailbreaksaurik

Update: Evad3rs team said if you have update to ios 7 via OTA then you have to full restore in itunes then jailbreak.

if you OTA updated your device, back it up in iTunes and make a FULL restore before applying evasi0n7. http://t.co/K3W0il1cNN #iOS7JB

So why Team Evad3rs released an ios6-ified Jailbreak, with bugs, Evan all jailbreak devs were unaware of this , so all tweaks are also not compatible to jailbreak.

So lets wait and se what happens, and will they release an update for all this issues.