Phishing is one thing which has affected not only online world but also offline world. You might have heard about online phishing but it can happen within your organization as well. That’s why Phishing awareness program is very important for employees.

Phishing awareness training should be made mandatory where employees have confidential information. Attackers can steal important information by sending out phishing links and mails to your employees. These cyber-criminals often create fake websites to get the crucial information.

Organizations should conduct awareness training for phishing for all employees. It should include all employees in hierarchy. There are several ways in which the employees can be trained.

We are giving some phishing prevention tips which organizations can follow. Lets see types of Phishing –

  • Email Phishing

This is one most common types of phishing. Organization should keep email phishing awareness as very important point in prevention training. Cybercrime happens when people click the links on wrong email. Never trust an email based simply on the purported sender.

Phishing Awareness Email program should be designed properly so that employees can understand the importance of email scam. Cybercriminals attacks the victim by pretending to be legitimate sender but actually it is coming from malicious address. Attackers use legitimate company name so that victim thinks it is coming from original source and ends up getting spoofed.

Organizations conduction Phishing Awareness program should clearly mention that employees checks the sender properly before replying or giving confidential information.

  • Attacks are getting personal

In early phishing days, attackers used to send the email to multiple senders at one time. They used to use generic title but with time, hackers have started personal attack. Nowadays cyber-criminals send email with your name and your other information. By pretending legitimate sender and calling with your name, victim thinks that the email is real indeed. This should be important point regarding Phishing Awareness while training the employees.

  • Phishing Links

One of the main aim of the hackers is to send phishing links and get it clicked. Attackers send the legitimate looking links with enticing subject. It can sometime pretend to be a bank email asking for confidential information on urgent basis or an from company’s other department seeking information. In this situation, many people end up clicking the link in hurry and enter the legit information to malicious link.

Cyber security awareness training can be done in regular interval by Organizations. It will help companies to protect the confidential information from being leaked.

Organization can take these tips for Phishing prevention:

  • Give phishing awareness training before joining
  • Send email phishing awareness by PDF or PPT
  • Giving updated tips at regular interval
  • Mock Phishing attacks on employees having sensitive information
  • Inform the employees via sms or by HR department regarding phishing prevention

In this way Organizations can give training to employees regarding Phishing awareness.