Work on your classic car or your daily commuter with a quality, comfortable workspace. Whether you’re leaning over your fender to check the oil or completely rebuilding the engine of your favorite hobby car, find out why you need a fender cover. Pick up a fender cover, custom windshield cover, car cover and other protective materials today to customize your garage.

Avoid Stains

Oil and other automotive fluids are harmful to your paint job. Topping off the oil or even just checking the dipstick can cause drips of fluid to land on your fender. A fender cover is a soft, absorbent material that shields your fender from small drips and major spills.

Some fender covers are washable cotton. These options make it easy to toss it in the wash and clean up after a day of work. Other covers are durable PVC and nylon mesh with magnets, these covers are easy to wipe off with a cloth. Easily cleaned covers help you switch between projects without getting yourself or your vehicle dirty.

Keep Tools Secure

There’s nothing worse than peering into your engine compartment and hearing a tool slip and fall. If you’re lucky, the tool has fallen all the way to the ground and you can crawl under your vehicle to pick it up. Otherwise, you’ll need to reach into your engine compartment to reclaim your lodged tool.

Fender car covers prevent this. Some simply give you a protected place to set your tools that isn’t directly on your car’s exterior. Your fender may be flat enough to safely rest a few wrenches and other tools as you work under the hood. Choose a magnetic cover for even more tool security. These options firmly hold a tool in place so you won’t knock it off with your elbow or another tool. This saves you time while you work with multiple tools at once.

Protect Your Paint

Leaning elbows, resting tools and dripping oil are all bad news for your auto paint. There’s no telling what may affect your paint as you work under the hood. A fender cover protects your paint. It not only avoids scratches and stains but also prevents greasy fingerprints and other smudges that would otherwise require a car wash and wax. A simple cover can save you hours of cleaning and buffing on your vehicle.

Create a Comfortable Work Area in Your Garage

Fender covers aren’t just for your vehicle. These covers come in universal sizes so you can protect cars in your professional garage or prevent scratches on a friends vehicle. Carry it in your automotive toolbox for a safe, secure work area wherever you go.

Don’t let interior projects affect the exterior of your vehicle. Change your oil, service your engine or swap out broken sensors confidently thanks to a high-quality fender cover. Shop for your favorite cover online to get great deals and find the option that fits your garage and your car. Learn more about how to care for your car cover and how to keep your workspace clean as you maintain your favorite vehicle.