The software market and SaaS has become very competitive, and companies are facing challenges to sell their products based on product features and prices. If you are a developer of a product that is based on a unique technology, you are safe. However, most companies need to deal with the odds they face while dealing with the same products that their rivals manufacture. Under such circumstances, it is significant for companies to create their strategies based on product experience.

Research reveals that over thirty percent of customers are willing to talk about their product experiences. Based on product experience, you can create unique strategies to reach out to more people.

Measuring the results

The concept of sharing the experience of customers with each product can be assessed today, which provides every department the opportunity to understand the perspective. Due to this changed mindset, you can experience a change in the sales model as well. Every company requires focusing on strategies that target the customers and needs to capitalize on enhancing customer experience. While talking about product experience, you can highlight the following.

  • Satisfaction of customers
  • Customer success
  • Customer service
  • Customer engagement
  • Customer interactions

Significance of product experience

The success of a SaaS company depends on enticing customers towards your product and allowing them to stick to it. With the age-old methods of marketing, you will stay out of the periphery of success. Moreover, your business will take more time to scale when you rely on conventional marketing techniques as they are oriented towards engaging customers and users out of the product. The truth is that driving the interest and attention of customers to your product is more important. Take a glimpse at the following to understand the significance of customer experience.

  • Companies must grow their user base according to the use of the product and use the data to retain customers.
  • The survival strategy for the SaaS business model relates to the customized product experience.
  • It is essential to develop a product-based strategy that provides a comprehensive guideline for marketing, customer success, and sales.
  • Product experience allows companies to put the customer first.
  • Knowing how to influence customers and study their behaviors related to the product is essential.

Experience of customers 

At the basic level, Product Experience is related to the perception of customers about the brand and the product. The opinion is all about interactions the customer has with products of the company across every channel or device. Every aspect of your product can influence the experience and perception of customers. When customers share their actual experience with the product, companies find it easy to comprehend their expectations.

Benefits of inbuilt product experience 

Consumers trust businesses, but their perceptions change. Companies are trying to reach out to customers every now and them and using different means to get essential feedback. The real-time interactions of customers create an ambiance where consumers are willing to share their experience can result in the development of improved goods and services.

Cost of marketing

With product experience, companies can judge their customers better as they come to know what customers want and communicate the product complaints directly. Companies can manage the reputation of their brands with built-in product experience.

Components of product experience

Among the components of product experience, the primary options are listed below.


  • Exposing customers to a digital or physical advertisement
  • Recognition of a corporate logo
  • Receiving and opening email
  • Reading social media posts about the company


  • Making customers sign for attending webinars
  • Deciding to call a sales representative
  • Buying a product


  • Visiting the website of the company
  • Communicating with the customer service support of the company
  • Sharing the articles and posts about the company
  • Chatting with employees during a company event

Summing it up

There is no doubt that product functionality and design are aspects that the product design team owns. However, when it comes to mastering product experience, you have to move away from functionality and integrate the customer interactions related to the product. Quite naturally, every company must have clearly defined goals to improve the customer product experience. The product and customer-facing teams need to own the responsibility jointly to continue making the business valuable.