Whatsapp is a popular online messaging platform and doesn’t need any further introduction as you might have used it at least one time on your smartphone. Whatsapp provides very few privacy features, and the only customization it provides is to change chat wallpaper.

YoWhatsapp is a modded version of whatsapp developed by Yousef Al-Basha which provides you a lot of privacy and customization features which the ordinary version of whatsapp will never provide.

There are lots of modded version of whatsapp available on the internet like OGwhatsapp, gbwhatsapp, etc., but some features of YoWhatsapp make it a unique mod than the others.

In this article, we will tell you the features of YoWhatsapp that makes it unique and stand out the other modded versions of whatsapp.

Features of YoWhatsapp

Hide your activities:

With yowhatsapp you can hide your online status, typing indicator and last seen. In the ordinary version of WhatsApp, if you hide your last seen and read receipts you won’t be able to see anyone’s last seen and read receipts either but that’s not the case in YoWhatsapp, you will still see the online activity of other while yours is hidden. You can even get a notification when your friend is online.

Translate the messages:

If someone sends you a text message which is in a language that you don’t know you can tap and hold on the message > tap on the three vertical dots and translate the message within the app.

Save the status:

Yowhatsapp allows you to save the status of your friend whether it is in text, photo or video. Just click on the downward arrow in the right corner at the bottom of the screen and save the status in your device storage.

Exceed the limits:

The maximum length of uploading a status is of 30 seconds in the original version of WhatsApp, but in Yowhatsapp you can upload status of up to 5 mins in length. You can also send videos up to 1gb to your friends and send more than ten photos.

Lock conversation:

A feature of yowhatsapp,” lock conversation” lets you lock the conversation of any chat or group using pattern of pin lock.

Anti-revoke messages:

With this feature enabled, you will still see the deleted text message, file, audio, and video even if the sender deletes it for everyone.

Message on WhatsApp without saving the contact:

If you want to text someone on WhatsApp who is not in your contact list, you will first have to add him/her in your contacts and then send the text on Whatsapp. But this feature of WhatsApp lets you send message to unsaved contact from within the app directly.

Secure your WhatsApp:

With this special feature of Yowhatsapp, you can set a pattern, fingerprint or passcode for the Yowhatsapp application so that no one will invade into your chats without your consent.

Customizations and themes:

Yowhatsapp will let you completely change the look of your WhatsApp UI. You can do this with the pre-made themes or customize each element by yourself; customization is not complicated at all. You can even change the text font and many.

So these were the main features of Yowhatsapp mod that makes will download it and replace it with the original version of WhatsApp, if you don’t want to delete the original version you can still keep it and use a different number on yowhatsapp.