Xiaomi has launched its flagship smartphone, Xiaomi Mi 5 in stunning new color option. The smartphone is now available in Gold color variant. The new color variant is launched in China.

Xiaomi Mi5 GoldInitially the Chinese company launched the Xiaomi Mi 5 in White and black color. Earlier variants were made up of ceramic material but the gold color will not be made of ceramic. The phone in new color option looks stunning. It is gold from front and back side.

Xiaomi Mi 5 Gold color variant is launched for the base model only. Gold color option is not available Mi5 pro. The new color is available for 32GB and 64GB models.

As of now the Chinese company has launched the Xiaomi Mi 5 in Gold Color in China only. The company has no plans to make it available out side China.

In India the company is selling the base 32GB model Xiaomi Mi 5. It is available in White color option only. Xiaomi has no plans to bring the Black color and higher end 4GB RAM model in India anytime soon.