Xiaomi is always known to bring great products at lower price tag. Apart from smartphones, the company sells multiple products like Power Bank, Headphones, Bluetooth speakers, Mi Band and many others.

Back in March, The Chinese company brought Mi Bluetooth speakers and Mi 20,000mAh power bank in India. These new products went on sale from first week of April.

Now in just two months, Xiaomi has increased the price of both products in India. Their prices have been hiked by over 25% in just 60 days after launch.

Mi Bluetooth SpeakerXiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker price in India have been increased by Rs. 500. It is now available in India for Rs. 2,499, it was launched in March for Rs. 1,999.

Xiaomi Mi 20,000mAh power bank price in India is also increased by Rs. 500. It is now available in India for Rs. 2,199 as opposed to Rs. 1,699 launch price.

The Chinese company has not given any proper reason to hike the prices of Mi Bluetooth speaker and 20K power bank by over 25%. Many customers are not happy with the increased price.

When customers asked Xiaomi about the increased price on Social media channels, they received silly response from the company. As per the response on Facebook, Xiaomi says that they are bringing more stock of accessories and that’s why they are increasing the price of accessories in India.

Here are some explanation given by Xiaomi in response to users query about price hike.

It’s to make sure that we cover up on increasing cost of selling accessories in India so as to enable us to bring in more stock for our Mi fans to purchase.

It’s due to changes in cost of selling our accessories that we have revised the price. It will help us in bringing larger quantities and help our Mi fans by making them able to buy at anytime possible.

The cost of selling accessories in India has increased for us and we have to make adjustments to continue making them available for sale. Thanks for understanding.

We are not sure how Xiaomi is bringing more stock of accessories by increasing the price. Probably they want to limit the number of sales so the products automatically remains in stock.

Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth speaker is now available at Rs. 2,499 and Mi 20,000mAh power bank is available at Rs. 2,199. They are available on Mi Store and yes they are in stock.