Earlier you may heard about smartphone being burnt while charging or something else. But you haven’t heard about the phone bursts while using it. Today we will tell about how the Xiaomi Mi4i burnt while using it.

Xiaomi Mi4i BurstsIndian user Ajay Raj Negi has claimed that his Xiaomi Mi4i bursts while using it. The user has also shared the CCTV footage showing the complete incident. In the incident, the surrounding was also burnt.

Luckily the user is safe and no one is hurt. But the incident itself has the user and other people in dilemma. The user has posted the video on Mi India page asking them to look into this matter.

Xiaomi has not given any statement regarding Xiaomi Mi4i burning case in India. The whole incident was recorded live in the CCTV installed in the customer’s office.

Ajay has claimed that he has purchased the Xiaomi Mi4i smartphone from Flipkart last year. He has also shared the bill of the smartphone. As per the live recording shared by the user, the smartphone was burnt while using it and fire broke out it.

As you can see in the image above, Xiaomi Mi4i explosion was so harsh that it burnt the nearby Keyboard and desk. Later the user used water to stop the fire.

We think that due to some issues, Xiaomi Mi4i might have been burnt. The company should replace the product to user and should investigate the issue.