There isn’t a doubt that India is outscoring many other Asian countries when it comes to technological advancement. The local smartphone industry is prosperous with brands like Micromax giving a tough competition to international smartphone manufacturers. Other than Indian smartphone companies, Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi has also been strengthening its feet in the smartphone market.

What’s the end result of a fostering smartphone industry? Well, everyone is able to afford and use a smartphone. Is this a great thing? Yes, it is! But there is a downside.

With Android smartphones a norm, the chances of cyber attacks also rise. Look around how recklessly we use our cell phones. We download anything from the internet without caring much about the credibility of the websites; prefer APKs to save some additional cash, and hardly use any spyware to monitor the activities of the entities who are accountable to us (lur employees, kids, etc.)

XNSPYXnspy is a spyware for Android that could possibly be a safe haven for the Indian smartphone users. But how? Let’s find it out.

XNSPY—why the Asian market?

Spyware wasn’t really a thing for the Asian market, if you look back a few years ago, and even when I heard the news about a spying app getting an exclusive entry into the Asian market, I wondered what made the company take such an unprecedented step.

XNSPY-2 But then, I came across a study that was published in the International Journal of Preventive Medicine on the “Assessment of smartphone addiction in Indian Adolescents”.  What I found out was that 95 percent of the kids have access to a smartphone at their homes, while 73 percent of the Indian kids use a cell phone. Kids as young as 7-year-old are using a smartphone which could be highly detrimental to their physical and mental health. 70 percent of the kids who use a smartphone are between ages 7-10, while 76 percent are between 11 and 16. This is significantly higher than the figures for UK and USA.

While having an email conversation with Mark, one of the respondents from XNSPY, he explained that Asian market has the highest ratio of young kids using a smartphone and a parental control like XNSPY could be an easy and affordable solution for the different socio-economic segments of the society.

“XNSPY is available in two variants: Basic and Premium. The minimum price for a package is $8 dollars which is around 528 Indian Rupees. Compare this to the average phone bill of a smartphone user with internet access of 460, it tells how cost effective our plans are. Parents can use XNSPY to track their kids’ online activities, especially because cyber crimes and dating apps mishaps are on a rise in India. We are glad we have entered the Indian market”, said Mark.

“There are around 204 million smartphone users in India, when compared with US (191.4 million), it explains a lot why we have finally entered the Asian smartphone spying market. XNSPY could greatly reduce the cell phone abuse in India, added Mark.

What is XNSPY capable of?

As it’s a spyware for Android, it can largely access everything off a smartphone it’s installed onto. Once installed on a phone, it can access call logs, text messages, emails, internet browsing history, calendar entries, phonebook, etc. The app can also access chats, call logs and multimedia from Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Line, Skype, Kik, and Instagram.

What’s special for the Indian market?

The app has been added with some special remote control features that can be used to enhance the spying experience. You can use this app to lock the target device, remotely wipe data or even take a live screenshot. The app can be used as a safety tool for girls due to its GPS tracking capabilities. Moreover, it can be used to create geo fences, so that you would always know where your loved ones are moving around.

XNSPY could turn out to be a great spyware for Android users who want to know about others’ smartphone activity.The app is now available for download in all Asian countries.