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Marketing is a crucial element to show your product or service to target people. Most of the people buy your product or use your service just by seeing advertisements. The lowest cost and most effective marketing techniques are using Email marketing. It can generate a significant impact on the public and deliver the message to consumers. For this, you must have a great email list if not, then you need to learn how to build an email list.

A poor email list can be short, have several errors and flaws and have insufficient information for the customer. The poor information and low-quality data can affect your digital marketing efforts. It is vital to make an email list to improve your digital marketing and lure more customers. There are several ideas which can help in building your email list; the following are some great ideas on which you can make a better email list.

1. Sign-up Sheet and Business Cards

The best way to make an improved and better email list is by starting to collect email addresses.Making public a sign-up sheet will help you to receive emails from your customers. It will provide you with accurate and reliable information about the customers. The business card is also an essential factor in exchanging the information. You can encourage visitors or customers by providing them with some free service or gifts. One can use the business card to offerpeople so that they sign up to obtain the email.

2. Invitation of an Event

You need to invite people for lunch, small talks or drop your messages at offices or houses for an event. You can use local or social media for advertisement and ask people to reply with their email address. If they sign up and provide the relevant date of their birthday, you can offer them a discount. You can reward them on their special day, so this encourages more people to enrol their email address.

3. Telemarketing and Giveaway

Telemarketing is essential to build an email list as you interact with several customers daily. You can ask your customers or visitors if they want to join your email list. You can give them different offers and discount coupons. You can use your email list to send cards for collecting relevant information and send the giveaway to email subscribers.

4. Website Optimisation

You need to keep an eye on visitors or customers who are visiting your website. They can be interested in your work, so do not miss this opportunity. You can add them in your email list, by providing email registration forms on your main page.

5. Blogs

You can use different sources for interacting with your customers and blogging is one of them. It offers you to build a better and unique relationship with your prospects. You can collect email addresses by using blogs. You can use the email list from your visitors so that they can leave a comment or give any suggestion. You need to provide them with a choice to leave your mailing list if they donot want their email address in it.

6. Social Media

Social media is crucial for any digital marketing, and it can play a vital part in enlisting emails from your customers. Social media provide a platform to extend your connection by interacting with new people. You need to stay up-to-date about the current topic and have good know-how about your customer’s interest. You can use social media for signing up the new audience, which helps in growing your email list.

7. Bouncebacks

Bouncebacks can be worse, but you do not have to give up. It would help if you matched the snail-mail info with the email address. You can send different postcard so that they can provide you with their updated email. You have to reward them if they take their time to offer you with their latest email which helps you to stay in contact.

8. Online Community

There are several platforms which can help to make an online community. It provides an opportunity for you to interact with your customers. You can arrange an online community to promote your brand and make connections with the visitors. You can use a sign-up form so that visitors can subscribe to your email list and become a part of the online community. You can reward your unique and loyal followers who are only for subscribers. You can make strategies to inspire your customer to share your sign-up page link with their families and friends.

9. Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is a great deal to increase your email list. The people wanted a trustworthy site or product. Your loyal customer can play an important role in luring new customers. People believed in word of mouth from their families and friends and wanted to try new things. You can provide rewards or give a discount to those customers who bring new customers with a valid email address. You can also put an additional link in your email. By placing a forward link, it will help you to increase your email list. The recipients can send the email in their friend circle or with their family. You need to make sure that the link will bring the new visitors direct to your page and provide them with an opt-in form.

10. Encourage Employees and Customers

The appreciation is essential for any employee. It provides them with job satisfaction and increases their confidence. It would help if you encouraged your employee to collect more email addresses by giving them incentives. Your employee must take permission from the customer before enlisting their email on your list. You can reward the customer for engaging by daily deals. It encourages the customer to subscribe while giving them rewards by exchanging their email addresses.

11. Competition

Healthy competitions help to encourage customers to take part in it. You can make a contest in which customer would make a video for one minute about your business or services. You can post their videos on Facebook, Twitter and other platforms. It will help if you put out an email selecting an option for voting. The best video would get a reward or cash prizes. It helps you to build your email list.


Building an email list is vital for improving and enhancing your business and products. You need to improve different aspects and encourage customers to sign-up your email address. You can put forms on your office entrance or send invitations for an event. The best way to lure new visitors is by using telemarketing and giving them giveaways for sharing their email addresses. You have to provide quality content in your blogs or use social media for enlisting emails. Word of mouth plays a vital role in bringing newcomers and competition on social platforms is also helpful.