The virtual phone number has become the metonyms of smooth and productive business communication in today’s world. With its impactful doing and high-end probity, it facilitates a business to accomplish its organizational intentions while keeping the upfront investment at minimal. That one trait has fascinated the businesses across the world and forced them to substitute traditional PSTN based phone system with cord-cutting technology.

If you are also hunting down an affordable and dependable way to set up your regular business communication with a virtual phone system, then nothing can beat CallHippo.  Here are the reasons.

  • Everything under one roof

One of the most imperative reasons for preferring CallHippo over others is its ability to satisfy all of its customers’ requirements easily and promptly. It offers VoIP-based products such as local phone number, toll-free number, special vanity number, VoIP for home, and call center software under one roof.

Also, different diligently planned business plans meet the requirements of an enterprise-level business and a start-up with equal ease. So, with CallHippo, you can be assured that you need not look further. Everything is available under one roof only.

  • Service without any geographical barriers.

Globalization is a real thing in today’s era, and one should hire such resources that can support the journey throughout the world. CallHippo is a global virtual phone system provider. That simply means one need not change the service with a change in location.   While you aim high to expand your business in any other part of the world, CallHippo will provide you the VoIP support in that respective country. It operates in more than 190 countries and makes international calling affordable.

For example, your US virtual phone number of New York (+1 212) can easily work in any UK as well without any added international roaming charges. You can make calls back home at subdue calling rates. So, don’t hinder your success anymore. Get CallHippo and break all the barriers.

  • Features that make operations easy and hassle-free.

CallHippo offers all of its VoIP products with power-packed features.  Its features come in two categories: business features and basic features.

In basic features, you will get the assistance of facilities such as call forwarding, call transferring, on-hold music, call conferencing, and voicemail transcribing. All these features are designed to conduct regular business operations without any hassles.

For example, if you have the US virtual phone number of Chicago (+1 312) with basic CallHippo features, then all of your pending voicemails will be auto transcribed directly into your email inbox, all the calls will be automatically directed to the next available agent in case one line is busy, and all the calls will be auto-recorded for future records.

For businesses who demand more than basic, CallHippo offers advanced business features such as global connect, welcome music & message, IVR, voicemail greetings, call queuing, and call barging. All these advanced features make your operations more straightforward, dependable, and professionals for both the customers and the agents. Implementation of these advanced features will help you boost up your team productivity and customer satisfaction by manifolds, and this is not a vague statement. Proper data is supporting it.

Appknox, the leading mobile app security testing company, has witnessed 18% hike in revenue after taking CallHippo on board. The company was growing on a global level, and CallHippo supported the expansion at every vertical. They purchased the international phone number from CallHippo and were successful in reducing the international calling rates up to a great extent.

This is just one example out of millions.  There are many small-scale and big guns in the business world that have tasted success by just making a simple step – replacing their old phone system with CallHippo’s feature-rich virtual phone system.

  • Quality is substantial here.

Poor call quality, jitter, and call dropping are a few main issues that still degrade the quality of calls made on VoIP.

To curb all these issues, CallHippo has adopted a two-fold approach.

At first, they make sure that your existing internet infrastructure is meeting all of the basic requirements. They will educate the end-user about the router compatibility, minimum internet bandwidth requirements, and Quality as Service settings factors before the final implementation. There is only a handful of VoIP service provider that takes that much pain to maintain quality at every level, and CallHippo stands above all of them.

The second approach that CallHippo adopts is having a responsive customer care team at the back. Regardless of r what the matter is, their customer-care is always lending an ear to users’ issues and accelerates every matter on a priority basis.

Making the right choices can benefit your business in many senses and seeing the capabilities, we can easily conclude that CallHippo is indeed a perfect choice to make. So, what are you waiting for?