Finding the best executive for the company is not as easy as recruiting any other employee, since the calibre is high and crucial. Lots of time and energy have to be spent when it comes to hiring an executive. Though there are readily available premier executive staffing agencies and executive recruitment services, who can find the best match as soon as possible, once you give the description and requirements, here are some top five tips and strategies that have to be followed while hiring a best executive without any help from agencies.

1. Define a goal

The hiring official or the manager who is responsible for hiring people must set an overall goal before the hiring process. Setting a goal starts with good research. The research should be done in such a way that it identifies the needs and necessity of hiring an executive in your company, identifies the pace of the hiring process according to urgency and comes up with an objective.
It is recommended to create a vision of an ideal executive by jotting down the perfect job description. There are many job description templates available online, which you can make use of, by customizing them according to your own needs. After the job description, the number of people you are going to interview should be found according to the company’s needs. It is always better to go with 2 people per month, according to some research, but it can be made up to your choice and requirement. Though make sure the hiring process is fast, by taking two or three days solid to verify the match of the candidate to the objectives of the job.

2. Search expansion

A good way to start a hiring process is by advertising the same online as an open position with the perfect job description. Never narrow down your search for a candidate and go open. Professional networks like LinkedIn can be made use of, for advertising the open position with the list of responsibilities. It is also good to check for connections within the company for hiring best executives. Take advantage of the networks of the existing employees in the top position of your company, board members, investors and other relevant stakeholders of your company. The chances of finding the best executive by networking is more when compared to the other. But do not rest-up and go above and beyond the connections.

Since the best executives can be found anywhere, try to find the companies that are struggling, and reach out to the executives of such companies, as they can be ready to hear about other open positions. The best talents can be anywhere out there, so stick with them when you get one.

While searching for the best executive, never alienate the candidates and must keep the profiles and things confidential as it may affect the candidates currently working for the company. To maintain a high level of professionalism, always contact the candidate with their personal email address or through a personal social network.

3. Maintain a relationship

The most critical and judgemental part of hiring the executives is building the relationship with the potential ones. It is not possible to maintain a relationship with all the candidates that are clearing up the basic requirements. Hence try to eliminate those who do not fit with the key attributes that are important for an executive. After a good screening, since all the selected candidates will be very focused on the recruitment process, it is essential to come up with a personalized approach that will help in knowing the candidate in a better way. Do not settle easily and prepare questionnaires and sessions that can help you identify the attitude of the potential candidate towards the culture of your workspace that has been maintained for so long. Only those who can fit into the cultures can work effectively, hence always keep an eye for such perspectives.

Another strategy to hire a best executive is by going an extra mile with a differentiated approach. Since most of the potential executives are in higher demand, try to explain the time and money invested in the whole process to make them feel special and also make them understand how much you truly value the time to get to know them.

4. Look for performance history

Analyse the records of the screened candidates to check the alignment of the candidates to the goals of your company. Never hesitate to ask for the portfolio of the potential executives that can demonstrate their success, the times where they need to make big decisions, the initiatives they took for the betterment of the company and the approach they use to take any decision. The answers of these critical questions can help you evaluate the candidate in an optimised way. The decision-making skill is the most important and crucial one for a leading executive.

Analysing the work ethics of the candidate and the behavioural pattern towards colleagues and employees working for him can tell you more about the person.
Always try to cross check the information and details given by the candidates with the references or by tracing out from the past companies.

5. Make the decision

After examining all the essential characteristics of an executive and their line up with the culture and goals of your company, make the final decision. The best candidate has to be given the offer and prepare for onboarding. Also come up with an alternative plan if the selected executive refuses the offer for some reasons, as they cannot be locked up.

After onboarding, the team building exercises are essential to build a good connection with the new executive and the employees, to establish the leadership role among the others.

The adherence to all these tips can be a bit difficult and exhausting if the company is in very urgent need of an executive. If this is the case, it is advisable to go for executive staffing agency and executive recruitment services that are best in your area, for finding out the best executive for your company. The most noted part while hiring such agencies for recruitment is the communication of your requirements and goals, without which it is not possible to find the best among the best executives.