Artificial Intelligence (AI) is getting into all types of fields. It is not limited to computers. You can find AI in mobiles, software, Robots, Machines and several more including Healthcare. Healthcare is one thing in which you cannot do anything without trial.

Nowadays AI is there is in Healthcare as well. There are numerous machines which are performing better with AI. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, Medical Practitioners have started doing successful operations. There are several things which are performed better by Robots compared to human med-staff.

Let’s see 3 Healthcare operations where AI-driven robots may already outperform humans:

  1. Robot-Assisted Surgery:

According to one of the latest Medtechdive researches, robotic surgeries surge to 15% of all procedures even thought evidences are not clear. With the help of AI in Healthcare, Surgical Robots have started performing way better than human doctors. These robots can perform surgery with utmost precision and it helps in quicker recovery of patients.

Surgical Robots are not new, they were introduced 15 years back. But the technology has evolved too much as compared to previous technology and some healthcare software developers already provide vivid case studies of medical projects of all kinds successfully developed and implemented. In use on a daily basis by hospitals, local practitioners and corporations. With the help of AI, robots can learn by themselves and get a new experience with each surgery. Self-learning is best part of AI as robots can learn by mistake and scanning the patient data. By 2025 we expect the Robotic surgery to grow two-fold compared to current surgeries.

  1. Disease Diagnosis:

Diagnosis of disease is very important part of healthcare. Human Doctors detect the disease and treat as per the disease. However, with the help of Artificial Intelligence, Robots are detecting the disease way better than humans. Did you know that early Parkinson symptoms could be detected using typing patterns? Head to Parkinson’s News Today and check out by yourself.

These robots have large sample data through which they are detecting diseases easily. AI is also helping in detecting Diabetes, and Cardiovascular Disease in early stage by scanning patient report. These robots are detecting it very accurately and they have not proved wrong in detecting the disease. There are many AI techniques which are helping in accurate diagnosis.

  1. Robotic Assistance/Robotic Nurses:

Robots can become a good assistance for doctors during the surgery, they can also called as Robotic Nurses. Human Doctors can sometimes be lazy or can-do wrong task but robots can perform the task accurately.

With the help of Artificial Intelligence, Robots can learn which medicines are required during surgery. These robotic assistances are already helping several doctors during surgery. They doing the task better than humans.

So, these are the top operations which are performed better by Robots with AI. The future of Robots in Healthcare seems bright and think their share in healthcare will increase with time.