Internet of Things (IoT) is increasing at a very rapid pace but the actual products are not easily available to consumers yet. Earlier this tech used to be about costly products but things are changing with time and we are seeing low cost IoT products.

Reos Lite

The growth of connected things is happening worldwide. Indian companies are also not keeping them behind in the IoT space. Cube26 recently launched a new smart LED bulb in India called Reos Lite. The smart bulb is launched in India for Rs. 1,699 and is available via online retailer Flipkart.

Today we are going to review the Reos Lite smart LED bulb. It is actually a smart bulb which can be connected to your smartphone. You can control the bulb with Reos App.

So let’s start the review of Reos Lite:

Reos Lite LED Bulb

Reos Lite Features:

Reos Lite Smart LED bulb requires 13W power. As per the company the bulb brightness is 1100 Lumens. It can produce Cool and Warm white with 16 Million Colors. It can be connected via Bluetooth and its range is 15M. Upto 7 bulbs can be connected at a time.


First of all the Reos Lite Bulb comes with E27 base while in India B22 holders are common. In order to use the LED bulb, you will need a B22 to E27 converter. You won’t have to buy it separately, the company bundles a B22 to E27 bulb holder with Reos Lite. So just convert the bulb base to B22 with the converter.

Now to control the Bulb, you will need to download Reos Lite app. The app is available for Android and Apple devices. It can be downloaded from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. After installing the app, just connect the bulb to holder and turn on the Bluetooth on your smartphone.

The set up process is very straight forward, the app will show the bulb in the list and just click connect button. Once you have connected the bulb to the Reos App, you can control the bulb from your smartphone.

Controlling the Reos Lite Bulb:

Once you have done the setup part, you can do everything from the app. You can change the colour of the bulb, set up alerts, changing lights as per mood, Music Sync, Voice Sync and many more.

With the mobile app, you can schedule on and off timings of the Reos Lite Bulb. If you are in a party mood, then you can select the preset moods and let the bulb change its color automatically. You can also create your own set of colors and create a new theme. There are many themes like Christmas, Party etc.

Reos Lite Bulb can also change its color as per the music theme. You can also change the colour and brightness of the LED bulb from the App. It allows you to set up alert about new messages, new notification, new call, new Whatsapp message or any other notification. If you have set up alerts on then the bulb will blink notifying about the new notification on your smartphone.

In our review the Reos Lite LED bulb performed well. It is fun playing with the lights. Only one thing which we didn’t liked is that it doesn’t remember the color on which it was switched off. Also there is no option to set default switch on colour. So you will have set up the perfect color every time you switch it on.

Reos Lite by Cube26 is priced at Rs. 1,699. It is available in India via online retailer Flipkart. It is a good smart LED bulb which is also affordable. It is good for someone who wants a connected home. Also if you like to play with different colors and connect the bulb with your smartphone, then you can go for Reos Lite Bulb. Also check this all-in-one smart trash can to make your home smarter.