E-commerce has long been part of global business processes. From the owner of a small shop to the director of a major financial institution or a chain company, any entrepreneur faces this side of doing business daily. Everyone is trying to apply all the best that is available in eCommerce web development today and make the most of the unique communication opportunities to promote their product/service in the virtual space. The globalization of the internet, the rapid growth of telecommunications capacity, and today‘s reality contribute to the emergence of new electronic commerce trends. We bring to your attention some of them.

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3D Modelling And Augmented Reality

Sellers have an interesting omen that if a customer has touched a product, he is bound to buy it. This is, of course, a controversial statement, especially now that restrictions are being imposed everywhere because of a known virus. That is why, among the most advanced eCommerce development services, 3D and AR formats are of particular interest and may soon become a standard option in all online stores. The visualization of goods in virtual fitting rooms will save time for buyers. AR technology will help to create a 3D model of popular goods with a QR code in the product card, which will make it possible to examine any item in detail before purchase. Such a service has an undeniable competitive advantage and takes online trading to a new level. The penetration of technology in society is only increasing with each passing year, and publicly available VR/AR shopping is just around the corner.

Shopping By Voice

More and more companies, to optimize costs and eliminate the need for specialist call centers, want to use voice robots in sales. To do this, marketing specialists need to regularly analyze customer dialogue scenarios and adapt them for artificial intelligence to work. A robot cannot fully replace a human, but it can do some functions even better, for example:

the robot can be used for telemarketing and cross-selling, it is enough to set the required time interval and the robot will call customers and act according to a certain scenario;

a voice robot can provide technical support, answering the most popular questions and, if necessary, transferring the conversation to a real company employee;

the robot has no problem conducting marketing surveys and assessing the quality of services provided.

In the process, analysts will be able to study the robot’s behavior in a particular situation to adjust the artificial intelligence. Also, don’t forget voice assistants like Google Assistant or Alexa, which will become even more sophisticated perfect ones.

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Video Consultations And Instant Payment

With the existing limitations, any eCommerce web development company is thinking of video consultancy as an effective tool for online sales. Experts estimate that one in three video interactions with a potential customer ends with the purchase of a product or service. It’s simple. A live person’s opinion has a positive impact. If the description on the product card is not enough for the user, they contact the consultants via video link, where they are given a virtual tour of the shop and told about the product. The main thing is to have enough staff because opening the dialogue window starts the countdown before the video consultant appears. After the video consultation, many users want to make an instant payment. This is done with specialized software and a special module that allows you to pay with a single link.

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D2C – Optimal Variant For Sales

The acronym D2C (Direct-to-Consumer) gives rise to a new relationship between the brand seller and the customer. This is an evolution from outdated B2B (business-to-business) and B2C (business to customer), to a fundamentally new interaction, namely direct sales of the brand to the end consumer without intermediaries. Some representatives of the business community are gradually abandoning the services of numerous retailers and dealers, making contacts with their customers the most optimal. Companies find their own customers, find out their preferences, and then make an interesting offer controlling each stage of interaction. For many major players, well-known marketplaces such as Amazon lose their relevance and the official website of the brand becomes the most preferred.

More Advanced Databases

In place of the popular CRM (Customer Relationship Management) comes the CDP (Customer Data Platform) for a specific business, with broader capabilities. Using CRM, you create a card with customer data without taking into account their virtual activity. The integration of CDP makes it possible to collect transactional, behavioral, and demographic data from a variety of sources in online/offline modes. Besides, some CDP systems analyze what time it is necessary to communicate with users to transfer them to the category of non-active and exclude them from the list of company customers. These platforms skillfully predict the behavior, line for each specific client, based on their virtual activity, and offer the optimal solution for keeping them as active users. This strategy helps to save money by avoiding attracting new users and focusing more on collecting data about current customers.

Blockchain In E-Commerce

In today‘s e-commerce, there are many problems related to brand security, privacy, and other important aspects. Knowing about the unique capabilities of the blockchain, some marketers are experimenting with such technologies, trying to find the right solution. In the future, the blockchain can increase the efficiency of costs and operations, without the involvement of third parties in financial transactions, email, or other types of advertising. The introduction of content marketing platforms built on the blockchain will help you track the distribution of assets and receive fair payment for use without fear of copyright infringement. Also, it is difficult to manipulate the data stored in the blockchain registry, which makes it a powerful tool against advertising fraud. Bots that imitate personalities and artificially increase the number of views and clicks will register their activity, which will allow administrators to prevent the repetition of similar types of behavior.

Against the background of tangible changes in our lives with the transition to remote work and forced modes of self-isolation, eCommerce web development is entering a new era. Sellers try to improve the conditions of consumer comfort, thereby increasing the requests and expectations of customers. The main trends are aimed at controlling all communication channels, maximizing the automation of business processes, and as a result, creating comfortable conditions for making a transaction.