HEPA technology deals with the filtration system of air purifiers. HEPA stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Air. This term is specifically associated with a specialized category of tested, certified and labeled filters.

All the HEPA filters have the capability of capturing the dust particles and pet dander to the extent of 99.97%.

What things make the HEPA filters more efficient?

In HEPA filters, you will find the ultra-fine glass fiber material. This material is more effective for capturing the microscopic particles. HEPA filtration is composed of certain combinations of diffusion, interception and inertial impaction.

HEPA technology based filters have the compulsion of testing and certification for removing the dust particles and microns too so finely. The dust particles will be efficiently caught even the diameter of a dust particle is 300 times smaller than the hair diameter.

These filters have the finest filtration quality of stopping the dust mites as stopping the cotton ball. In this way, you will get 99% germ-free air. HEPA technology based air purification system will secure you from being fallen into allergic disease for instance asthma and breathing problems.

HEPA filters are the purest and easiest solution of giving you a real escape from all kinds of skin and breathing allergies. If you want to get the best air filtration device then HEPA air purifiers are the right choice for you especially when you are suffering from any kind of allergies.

For buying the right HEPA air purifier according to your needs, you will find the multiple choices to decide about. For making the wise decision must read the best HEPA air purifier guidelines by the Top-rated Home Products site.

How many types of air filters in HEPA technology based air purifiers?

In HEPA air purifiers, besides the HEPA technology based filters, you could find the combination of removable carbon filters. Carbon filters are the booster to HEPA technology filtration and make the air more purified.

Commonly the removable filters are designed to wash again like once a week or twice a month.

HEPA technology based filters for infectious patients

The environmental infection control and health care center recommended having the HEPA filters in the hospital for extra care of infectious patients. These filters are equally beneficial for protection from infectious germs.

As it is a well-known fact that the allergic germs are infectious, if you have family members suffering from allergies then it will be a good addition to your air purification measures.

What is the difference between the performance of clean and dirty HEPA filters?

In other air purifiers, efficiency is usually decreased because of getting the air filters dirty. But in the HEPA air purifiers, all the time filters are equally beneficial. Dirtiness does not leave any bad impact on their performance.

That’s why the HEPA based air purifiers are most preferable in all the contexts like in terms of efficiency and long term work. But the contrasted filters will require cleanliness like the removable carbon filters.

The carbon filters will not be able to maintain their performance after a certain period of working like after 2 weeks or 1 one month. So, during that time, they must need proper cleanliness. In this way, your HEPA air purifier will continue its efficient and effective working.