So you’ve tried everything you could think of huh? You doubled your Social Media Advertising, worked twice as hard on your SEO, and you even re-evaluated your operational procedures. You’re confident with the product or service you’re selling; it’s practical, efficient, and offers a solution. Then why? Why is it that your sales are hardly picking up?

You have done everything, have you not?

Well, there may still be one thing you’re doing wrong – and it has nothing to do with your product or marketing campaigns. Maybe the problem is so obvious you’ve never considered it to be a problem in the first place. Let me ask you: When was the last time you paid attention to how your website looks?

Can’t give me a straight answer because you can hardly remember? Jackpot.

The Importance Of Web Design

People often argue that looks don’t matter but they really do. Despite what we tell ourselves, a majority of people process visual information faster than all the other types (auditory, kinaesthetic, experience, etc.). It’s not uncommon for us to create “impressions” about certain things based on how it looks. Check this out:

Food, for example, tastes better when it looks good. If you serve a delicious bowl of slop and a dry, bitter hamburger, chances are that people will choose the hamburger – despite its taste. This is because they judge it based on how they “believe” it will taste. And trust me, belief is a powerful thing. Yes, they may figure out sooner or later that their judgement was wrong but that doesn’t change the fact that they dove in because they found the hamburger appealing.

The same goes with your site.

Your website is the representation of your company. It’s your online office so to speak. Because it is where you’ll be featuring your product, presentation should be a matter of concern. As I mentioned earlier, “belief” is a powerful tool of influence. If you can make people believe that your website is good enough, then you have better chances of getting them to sign up for your services or buy your products. This is why looks really do matter. Your product may decide whether customers continue or discontinue their purchases in the future but the way you present your products gets the opportunity through the door. In other words, there is merit in minding aesthetic.

The Reason Your Products Aren’t Selling

Whether you’re trying to sell a physical product or a digital/skill-based service, presentation is undoubtedly important – correct presentation that is. The way you “serve” your goods to customers can either make or break your company. If you’re wondering why your products aren’t selling so well even after ruling out all other factors that may contribute to the fault, then it’s probably because your website isn’t inviting enough.

Let me paint you a picture.

When you go to a boutique to browse some of their latest collections, you expect to be greeted by a warm, customer-friendly atmosphere – and I don’t just mean the salespeople. You want to browse in a well-lit room, maybe with some soothing and satisfying music, and convenient displays. I’m pretty sure that if the store looks dim and dull on the outside, you wouldn’t even care to go in. Am I right? Also, if the displays are hard to reach or don’t have price tags on them, I doubt that you would even try them on.

This exact same phenomenon will occur if your website is not friendly enough for users. If customers feel that your website somehow turns them off, they’ll leave. They won’t even get past your homepage. They’d just straight up leave after looking around for 5 seconds. The digital age is very fast-paced. If customers don’t stay in your website for more than 10 seconds, then you should know that something is probably up.

This is a good time to consider revamping your website.

Should I Give My Website A Makeover?

Well, that depends. Do you want your website to keep driving people out? Then no, you don’t have to change anything. But if you want to have a better, more accommodating and user-optimized website, then YES. You should consider a revamp.

Don’t worry, though. Just because you’re going through a revamp doesn’t mean that you have reset the identity of your site completely. I know that there will be aspects of your online office that you would want to retain because it has already grown on you. After a thorough audit conducted by experienced professionals, like the folks from this City Tech site, you’ll find out which parts of your website can be retained and which parts have to go – or be remodelled. A good web design firm can help you get through the process and give you suggestions as to what users of today want.

Trends are evolving almost every year – sometimes, even when the year is not over yet. This is why it’s necessary that we keep our websites updated. For all you know, your website looks obsolete – like something that fished out from the 90’s. People want to engage with companies that are innovative, you see. If they can’t even see your website improving in terms of aesthetic, they’d really begin to question your company’s take on innovation.

Create an online space that is comfortable and inviting for users. Don’t forget to make it feel timely and appropriate too.