Austin is one of the places where stereotypes fall apart. In the main city of Texas, cowboy hats are only in souvenir shops, and people carry a laptop instead of a weapon. Therefore, Austin is called the Texas Silicon Valley, which attracts new investment in the city. For example, there are exhibitions of new Internet technologies. The city also attracts startups, because there is a very favorable environment for starting a business.

Many guests of the city come here on business trips – to attend scientific conferences and seminars. The best way to get around the city is a car. Moreover, car rental is especially good for business people as Austin is considered the city that is popular among technical companies. An excellent opportunity would be to use Enterprise car rental in Austin, Texas – these are the best deals, affordable prices and the best quality service.

Car Rental Nuances

Age restrictions. Driving license in Austin, as well as throughout the state of Texas,is issued with 16 years. However, if you are not a US citizen, then you are unlikely to have rights at this age. In any case, some car rental companies in Austin may have their additional restrictions for young drivers.

Driving license requirements. In order for you to take advantage of car rental in Austin, you need to have an international driver’s license.

Using a car rental in Austin, you can be sure that it is insured for mandatory insurance options. They usually include insurance and civil liability, and damage in case of an accident, as well as insurance against theft.

Applying to Enterprise, rent a car in Austin Texas airport is very simple. You must be over 18 years old, have the minimum driving experience and driver’s license, and a personal valid credit card.

Toll roads. There are several toll roads in the city of Austin: motorways numbered 130, 45, 183А.

A bit more about Austin

And now a little about the economy of the state of Texas, which, by the way, is one of the largest and fastest growing economies of the US states. It is based on information technology, the oil and gas industry, the generation and export of electricity, agricultural activities and manufacturing. In this regard, a wide range of jobs is available to residents, which is certainly an attractive factor for a potential migrant.

Today, thanks to its capital, cozy Austin, Texas is one of the largest centers of high technology and the best platform for beginners in Banksy: there are dozens, if not hundreds of unique murals – street paintings.

It is a fact that Austin in 30 years turned into a techno polis. Of course, Austin itself is so different from the rest of Texas that the city is even called “the People’s Republic of Austin“.

Austin is more than once recognized as one of the best cities to live in America. Everything works for it: quite a harmonious infrastructure, optimal size (about a million people), moderate prices for housing and food, and most importantly, unlimited opportunities for young business and the number of potential employers (here are the offices of the largest companies: Dell, IBM, Intel, AMD, Apple, Google, etc).

We can write a lot about Austin, whose motto is “Keep the city unusual”. They say that this is one of the greenest cities in Texas, not far from it, they are holding Formula 1 stages, but the main thing that exists in this city is the special atmosphere that the authorities keep as carefully as the inhabitants are.