Yakit has released a new Shopify App which makes Internal shipping easier. Yakit is a provider of hassle free international shipping solutions to merchants. The company has offices in Sunnyvale(USA) and Bengaluru (India).

The company has announced that it has made available a simple and efficient Shopify app that will help eCommerce merchants increase conversions and LTV by streamlining the shipping process. The app integrates itself with shopping carts on the site and instantly calculates the shipping charges, and duties and taxes associated with any purchase. These associated costs of international shipping are not estimates – they are guaranteed by Yakit.

The shipping process with Yakit follows four simple steps –

(1) Select orders that are ready to ship and click “Send to Yakit” to export them to the Yakit systems.
(2) Pay for the shipping, duties and taxes.
(3) Print the Yakit label, and
(4) Click “Dispatch” to notify that a shipment is ready to be picked up.

From there customers can track their orders as it moves through the network. Yakit delivers worldwide from 6- 9 days at a rate of about ten dollars a pound. Deliveries are insured for up to two-thousand dollars at no cost to the customer! Additionally, Yakit also offers a promotional FirstFiveFree trial of its shipping services. The free trial is good for five transactions in which all shipping cost – including customs, duties and taxes – are paid by Yakit.

According to Yakit’s site, the advantage of using their shipping platform for the consumer is that it saves the money and eliminates the uncertainty and confusion associated with international shipping. The advantage for sellers is that with consumer uncertainty eliminated, merchants can increase their sales by unlocking global markets. According to Anthony Khedawyi of IndestructibleDog.com,“Hands down Yakit is one of the best experiences we’ve had shipping packages internationally. Not to mention the shipping cost savings (which are significant), you don’t have to know all the specifics about tariffs around the world.”

The Yakit app has been available on Shopify since June 1, 2015 and will be available for other platforms soon.