Digital file-sharing has become a common practice by many because it is fast and efficient. People no longer have to print out their documents because almost everything can be done digitally in the most convenient manner. Today, PDF has been continuously growing to be the most used file format for various reasons, to mention a few, it is portable and can be accessed by any browser and device whether it be on a computer, mobile phone, tablet, etc. Plus, it’s free!

At the same time, PDF files are uneditable, meaning the content and information in the document cannot be modified. Although it makes it very reliable, sometimes we just wish we can only view specific pages of the PDF file. It was not an option before, but now with PDF tools like online Foxit PDF Editor, you can remove PDF pages without having to pay and download a software. You can do all that for free with three quick and easy steps! Read through where and how you can delete your PDF pages.

Where to delete PDF pages?

Now, with everyone using PDF, developers have established useful tools to help manage their PDF files. You will find a wide selection of software and even online sites that offer PDF-related services. Some are free and some paid. The easiest and fastest place to delete the pages of your file is to opt for web-based PDF tools you can find anywhere on the internet. Most of these sites are free and will not require any information from you. All you will have to do is upload your PDF to their server.

Among all these PDF sites, the most visited and dependable site by many is the GogoPDF. GogoPDF provides users a handful of tools that will help your everyday PDF tasks more manageable. They are equipped with file organization, conversion, repair, optimization, e-signing, security, and PDF viewing and editing, which includes removing single or even multiple pages. It is one of the sites that are free to use and with an internet connection, you can work with any device like Windows, Mac, Linux, or other major operating systems. After a few clicks here and there, you can delete PDF pages without breaking a sweat. Super recommended!

Steps to Delete PDF Pages Online With GogoPDF

  • Upload your PDF file

When we said that all you have to do is upload the file so you can delete PDF pages, we were not kidding. Definitely, the site does most of the work!

Once you are on the site, go to the Tools tab and click Delete PDF pages. You will be welcomed with the tool page. This is where step one begins. To upload the PDF file, click the Select A File button so you can look for the file in your device’s file library. Then click Open. And if your PDF file is in online storage sites like Dropbox or Google Drive, there is no need for you to download and upload it again to the server. GogoPDF allows you to directly upload files from the mentioned sites as long as you give them access to it by signing in with your account. To do this, just click the Dropbox or Google Drive button. The last option to upload your PDF file is to simply drag and drop it into the toolbox. This only applies if you are working on a computer. Regardless, all methods for upload are easy and fast.

Upon upload, the server will automatically read, analyze and process your PDF file so they can open it in the server and assist you in deleting the pages. The waiting will only take a few seconds depending on the file size and your internet connection. Still, we are on the first step, but we’re almost done!

  • Select the PDF pages to delete

Once the server is done processing your file, you will be redirected to another tool page for you to select the PDF pages you want to delete. There, you will see an overview of all the PDF pages in the file with page numbers indicated on the corresponding page.

A trash bin button is present below every page. To delete a PDF page, just click the trash bin. Make sure to double-check the page before deleting a page because there is no undo option available. There is no limit to how many pages you can delete, so you are free to remove as many as you want. When you are done and ready to save the newly arranged PDF file, click the Apply changes button.

Your file will be processed again by the server. This time it will be The server will load once again to process the changes and delete the page/s. This will take less than a minute depending on the size of the file, the number of changes, and your internet connection.

  • Download or share the new PDF file

Finally, we are down to the last step! Here you can now save the newly arranged PDF file to your device.

Simply click the Download button and the PDF file will immediately be saved. Another amazing feature of GogoPDF is that aside from uploading your files directly from online storage sites like Dropbox and Google Drive, you can also save them back in your online folders by clicking their logo button, which you can find beside the Download button.

There is also a shareable link generated to help you send to multiple recipients with ease. You can just copy the link and send it to them. All they need to do is click the link so they can download the file as well. Another option for sending is to send the file via email by entering the needed information like your e-mail address and the recipient.


Who would have thought that deleting a page or even multiple pages of a PDF is this fast and easy? There is no need to look any further for second or third-party software because anyone can now do it online through web-based PDF tools, with the best one, GogoPDF. Have it done anytime and anywhere! With just three simple steps, you can delete your PDF pages for free. Tell your friends about it!