iPhone 5c

Last fall Apple launched two iPhones. Apple always focuses on releasing one iPhone each year. Last year apple broke its rituals and launched iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c. iPhone 5s being premium model featuring metal body while not so cheaper iPhone 5c with plastic body. Apple discontinued iPhone 5 and repacked it into iPhone 5c with plastic body.

Apple was thinking to capture middle level segment with iPhone 5c but Apple priced it at premium range. Pricing the plastic phone at premium range didn’t worked with iPhone 5c. Apple iPhone 5c didn’t worked well for Apples as it failed to grab in every market. There are several reports claiming that iPhone 5c is a disaster.

Now in a new report by Stadt Bremerhaven blog claims that Apple is planning to launch iPhone 5c with 8GB capacity. In an internal mail of German wireless carrier O2 confirms that iPhone 5c 8GB is in the pipeline and could be launched as early as tomorrow. According to email the phone will cost €509 ($707), iPhone 5c 16GB €569 ($791) in Germany. So 8GB model costs €60 less than 16 GB model. It will available from 18 March in Germany on Vodafone’s O2 Network.

There is no word when iPhone 5c will be launched worldwide. Currently iPhone 5c 16 GB retails for Rs 39,999 on online stores in India so we expect that it will be priced around Rs. 33,000 in India. But at this price also iPhone 5c is very costly with just 8GB internal storage and no option to increase internal storage. The hardware of iPhone 5c is also year and half old as it carries all the specs of iPhone 5.

Earlier Apple has also relaunched iPhone 4 in India for Rs. 22,900. Apple has been very aggressive in pricing  and launching the iPhones in India. Apple always tries to launch cheaper models in India so we may expect iPhone 5c 8GB to be priced aggressively.

So launching the plastic version of iPhone was a bad move by Apple and Apple failed at it badly. What do you think about iPhone 5c 8GB?