Google was heavily criticised for making Google Photos as the default gallery app in Android because of the application’s inadequate level of not serving the user needs. The application doesn’t help in sorting or viewing your old photos.

It looks like there is no need to worry about your old photos. Google just released a new app to view and print your old photos right from your phone itself. Having said, this news is a blessing for many users, but a bad one for many scanner based apps.

This new Google PhotoScan is an exclusive app for both Android and iOS. Scanning photos with this app is insanely fun and the application has its own technology to recognise the corners and frames the photo automatically. Now, here’s where the scanning tool comes into play.

The PhotoScan app even has a special feature called four-corner scanning process, which eliminates the reflections of the normal image and any other issues with the scanned image. Same as the other panorama apps available, this PhotoScan app also combines all the images shot to a single image and then creates the best image removing all the glare from the photos and exposure if any.

The final image generated will be backed to the Google Photos, where you can manually edit the photo as usual. Unlike other photo scanner apps available for both platforms, the Google PhotoScan app is insanely fast and Google claims that it takes five photos in under two minutes.

Alongside, the Google PhotoScan, the search giant also pushed an update to their Google Photos app and the application will now automatically sets the exposure levels in a photo, same as the exclusive editors app in the Play Store. You can APK Download the new Google PhotoScan app from mirror hosting such as the apkmirror.com.