Reliance Jio is yet to start the commercial 4G LTE service in India. Last year in December the company launched the 4G LTE service for its employees. They were given 75GB of free data to test out the network.

Now ahead of Reliance Jio full rollout, the company is now rolling 4G LTE to general public. But there’s a catch, you cannot directly goto Reliance Digital store to purchase the Jio sim cards and use it.

Reliance Jio is rolling out the services to public via its employees. The company has given invites to its employees and they can refer upto 10 people to use the Reliance Jio 4G.

Reliance JioThere is another catch over there, to use the Reliance Jio service you need to purchase a new LYF smartphone. Once you receive a invite from Reliance employee, you need to take the invite code to Reliance digital to get the Jio sim card and LYF smartphone.

People who purchase the LYF smartphones with the invite code will get UNLIMITED Data and Voice call over LTE for three months. Now that’s a sweet deal from Reliance Jio.  The service is available in select states only. You will also get access to 9 premium apps from Jio.

Reliance has revealed that around 5 lakh employees are using the service. And with the introduction of Invite system for public, we expect the number to increase multiple folds.

So if you happen to some one working at Reliance Jio, then you can ask them for invite and purchase a new LYF smartphone to enjoy the free benefits. The full fledged roll-out is expected by the end of this year.