iPhone 6 leaked front panel

Apple is still months away from launching next device. Apple usually releases new device during fall(September) which is still five months away. But we are hearing many rumors about next iPhones. Yes you read it right iPhones, According to rumors, Apple will launch two devices this year also. But this time this two devices will have bigger screen.

According to various rumors Apple will launch 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch devices this year. Current iPhone 5s has 4 inch screen which means Apple will increase screen size by 0.7 inch and 1.5 inch respectively.

Today every other smartphone manufacturer launches phones with bigger screen, only Apple was left behind in the screen size. People are nowadays are used to bigger screen smartphone and are demanding bigger iPhone since years. It seems that Apple has listened to user demand and is planing to launch bigger screen iPhone.

And now front panel of alleged iPhone 6 have been leaked online. The photo posted on Weibo, leaks the front panel of iPhone 6. In the photo above the front panel is compared with current iPhone 5s. The purported front panel is surely bigger than current generation iPhone.

The leaked front panel has all required holes and cutouts which is present in current iPhone. The front panel has cutout for home button, earpiece, proximity sensor and Facetime camera.

The iPhone 6 in the front panel above has 4.7 inch screen and has thinner design. The device has similar schematics as current iPhone 5s. The leaked frame also has thinner bezel which indicates that next iPhone 6 will have slimmer design.

However authenticity of this front panel cannot be confirmed. This could be genuine or could be fake.

iPhone 6 battery leakedApart from front panel, in the another leak, purported batteries of iPhone 6 has been leaked. The Photo is leaked by Nowhereelse.fr, the photo above shows iPhone 6 batteries in the production.

The leaked photo of battery doesn’t reveal much about the device. But the battery is bigger compared to current batteries used in iPhone 5s.

We cannot say all these leaks are genuine or not, but it gives us a hint that bigger iPhone is not very far from launching. The next iPhone will run on iOS 8, which will have new health features, New preview app and many more.