Have you just thought of starting a website? If your answer is yes then one of the most difficult choice is choosing the hosting. Whenever you run a website, the data is hosted on hosting servers. There are several types of hosting like shared hosting, VPS hosting and Dedicated hosting. Choosing the best type of hosting depends on your usage and budget.

Each hosting type has its pros and cons. Not all people choose a specific hosting. The choice of hosting type varies as per user needs. Selecting the right hosting service depends on several factors which includes resource needs, performance demands, security requirements, cost constraints, server preferences and scalability. You can buy linux vps or shared hosting as per your choice. In this article we check out key differences between Shared and VPS hosting.

What is Shared Hosting:

In shared hosting, large number of websites are hosted on a server. Its like you have have rented a room in house. You will have to share the same house with all the other people who have rented the room in that house. Everything like living room, dining room, bathroom, parking space would be shared between all the tenants.

In shared hosting, you will have to share CPU, Memory and Disk Memory with all the websites hosted on that server. If the load of other websites increases then the performance of your website could be impacted but if the load is less then the performance will be good.

This is the cheapest type of hosting available. If you are low on budget then your best choice is Shared Web Hosting. Another benefit of Shared hosting is that it is best for beginners who don’t know much about hosting as many software can be installed easily and it is very easy to use. Very less technical expertise is required when using a shared hosting.

Along with pros, there are several cons of Shared Hosting. Your website may go down when you cross the bandwidth limit on your hosting plan. Also when your websites receives more visitors at a time, the performance will be impacted and your website can also go down. Shared Hosting doesn’t provide you with root access.

What is VPS:

VPS full form Virtual Private Server. This type of hosting is more expensive compared to shared hosting. In this type of hosting also several websites are hosted on a server. But in VPS, you will get specified set of resources reserved for you. Once the resources are allotted to you, they will be available to you. Its like you have rented a apartment in a building. All the rooms in your apartment remains available to you irrespective to guests visiting in the other people’s apartment.

If your website has high number of visitors or is resource intensive then VPS is best for you. You can easily expand or reduce the resource like Memory, Storage on your VPS server. It is highly customizable compared to Shared hosting. You can also choose to run the OS of your choice and install the software on the server as per your choice.

VPS comes with a slightly higher price. You also get root access with a VPS server. In this type of hosting, your website performance is not affected by other websites hosted on same server. It is more stable and reliable then Shared hosting.

VPS hosting also has some cons. One of the major con is the price. It comes with a higher price. Another con is that you are required to have some technical expertise in order to host on a VPS server.

These are some key differences between Shared hosting and VPS hosting. Which one you would choose?