OnePlus oneToday, OnePlus has announced that it will be launching OnePlus One in India on 2nd December. But it doesn’t mean that you can buy the device easily.

OnePlus sells their smartphone in a very different way. You can’t go to retail store and buy the device. Instead you need an invite in-order to buy the device. The invite is usually sent by any friend who recently purchased OnePlus One or you can win an Invite by participating in the contests hosted by OnePlus.

Last Month, OnePlus has started pre-order system where it opens up pre-order window for a limited time and user can pre-order the OPO. But in India, OnePlus is not adopting pre-order system, instead it is using old Invite system only. And if that’s not enough, OnePlus will sell the OnePlus in India with India Specific Invite only.

It means if you have got an invite from a friend outside India then you cannot use it in India to purchase the OnePlus One from Amazon India.

So the question is how to get OnePlus One India Specific Invite?

Well, OnePlus and Amazon has stated many ways through which you can get a OnePlus One India Specific Invite. You can get an OnePlus One Indian invite by following Methods:

  • Method 1:
    • Visit OnePlus India website and subscribe to their Newsletter. Enter your email address and make sure that you confirm your email address by following confirmation link sent to your inbox.
    • With this Method you can enter the draw to win an invite for the OnePlus One.
  • Method 2:

First method is kind of hit or miss, you can either win or you cannot win. With second method you can increase your chances of winning a OnePlus India Specific Invite.

One in a 1000 oneplus contest

Amazon is holding a One in a 1000 contest on the internet. The contest is like treasure hunt where you need to click on ‘One in a 1000’ Contest ad on the Internet. Amazon has not cleared where you will find the ad and how to get the Invite.

But we will tell you where to find the ‘One in a 1000’ ad banner for winning OnePlus one India specific invite. The banner is advertised on several websites, but you can find it easily on and The ad banner will look like as:

one in a 1000 contest adYou need to click on the ‘One in a 1000′ banners, it will redirect you to the contest page. If you are lucky then it will show that you have won the contest and will ask you to register else it will show that you have not won the Invite. The winning page will look like this:

OnePlus India Invite AmazonIf you have won the Invite then just register or login at Amazon website. If you have not won the Invite then try clicking again on the banners. You will get the Indian Specific OnePlus invite on 2nd December and then you can buy the device.

So, in this way you can win the OnePlus India Specific Invite from OnePlus or Amazon. Additionally you can also participate in our Giveaway and stand a chance to Win OnePlus One and other exciting prizes.

If you are finding it difficult to win the Invite then do tell us in comments, we will help you.