NOkia X google play store

Nokia has released the much awaited Android Phone Nokia X. But Nokia disappoint everyone and released a forked version of Android. The UI of Nokia X also looks similar to Windows Phone. The device is missing all Google apps and instead of these Microsoft apps are installed. Even Google play store is replaced with Nokia Android Store. Many apps like Gmail, YouTube, Google Now and many more are missing and will be not be added in near future.

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But Now the folks at XDA has been successful in rooting the device and able to install the Google Play Store, Google Now launcher and many more. To add Google apps and Google play store in Nokia X, you need to root your device and then install the apps from Google Play Store.

Note : To Root Nokia X after 11.1.1 update, refer this Tutorial.

Steps for rooting Nokia X:

1. You needed a rooted device for installing Google Apps.

2. To root the Device use Gandalf Exploit included in FrameRoot app, download it from here.

3. To proceed further you need a root explorer App. you can download it from Google Play Store.

4. Download the zip file from here. It contains several apk which are required to root the device.

5. Now extract the zip folder to /system/app and change permissions for this files as shown in the image below.











6. Now reboot the device.

7. Now Download Google Apps APKs from here. Extract the zip folder and the install the apps which you want to use. Install apps as a normal user.

8. If you want Google Now Launcher then install the app from the extracted folder in step 7 and after installing the app you have to open it to make it work.

9. Now launch Google Play Store after installing it, it will ask for Google account. Login and then it will start working.

Nokia x google now installed

Voila! Now your Nokia X has all Google apps installed and you can download any app from Google Play Store.
Check out the video of Nokia X with Google Now Launcher

Note : To Root Nokia X after 11.1.1 update, refer this Tutorial.

The guide was published on XDA and For any query use this Thread at XDA.

So in this way you can have access to all the android apps world and also use Google now launcher.