Samsung galaxy s4
Samsung has launched its next flagship Phone Galaxy S5 last week at MWC. The Galaxy S5 was unveiled in Barcelona and Samsung says it will be available from 11 April in 150 countries. It is expected that in India also it will be launched on 11 April. And to make the space for Galaxy S5, Samsung has reduced the price of current flagship Galaxy S4. The price of Galaxy is now less than ₹30,000.

Earlier samsung has announced buyback on Galaxy S4, now price has been reduced below 30,000. On Flipkart Samsung Galaxy S4 is available for ₹29,860. At this price point Samsung Galaxy S4 is worth buying. Galaxy S5 is expected to be priced between ₹45,000 – ₹49,000. And at that much high price Samsung Galaxy S5 offers nothing new. It is also rumored that premium model of Galaxy S5 with metallic body is in the pipeline to be called as Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime.

If you are looking forward to buy Galaxy S5 then we recommend you to buy Galaxy S4 or Galaxy Note 3, Or if you can wait then wait for the premium model. Galaxy S5 Prime will be much better in terms of specs and design. So either wait for Galaxy S5 prime or buy S4 at this great price.